Subsoniq Instru-Mentals = Super Nighttime-Muzik

 Super Nighttime Muzik

K-Murdock‘s Subsoniq “Instru-Mentals” show has now been updated/re-branded as the new “Super Nighttime-Muzik”! It still explores and promotes the deepest and dopest areas in hip-hop instrumentation but you won’t hear any talking. Just pure beats! Let us know what you think?!?! Check the play list & download or stream the show below


Subsoniq “Super Nighttime Muzik” – Oct 2014 Play List:

BMBU – R.eally
Kurioto – RED
Lewis Parker – World on my Shoulders (Instro)
Klaus Layer – Coming to Your World
Diabia$e – No Reason
Marc Rapson – From Shadows
Kaytranada – Don’t Get It Confused
Flying Lotus – Turtles
Mark Aubert – Get Higher
Tom Misch – Where Were You
Howie Wonder – Smoothkid
Evil Needle & Sivey – Down There
Wendel Patrick – Untitled (Fantastic)
Robot Orchestra – Sunshine, Blue Skies
BadBADnotgood – Kaleidoscope
Reva Devito – Gassafras (Outro)
K-Murdock – S.N.T.M



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Subsoniq Baby BOOM!

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Subsoniq Bids Farewell to Gangsta Mittens (for now)

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Subsoniq with Blueprint

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