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Monthly Archives: March 2010

DOWNLOAD: Subsoniq Podcast 3-30-10

Cue DJ Honda/Mos Def’s song “Traveling Man” as the Subsoniq Crew has been hopping planes to music conferences over the past couple weeks, so with that in mind the second official podcast is here (see below)!  The hosts are the core members of of Panacea (Raw Poetic and K-Murdock) along with other members of theContinue Reading


Subsoniq Podcast 3-18-10

Kick the leprechauns to the curb, take a break from March Madness, and open the windows (turn the volume to 10!) and get ready for Spring with Subsoniq! The show IS available for download down below. Much more info and announcements will be made in the coming weeks and months. Thanks to all for theContinue Reading


DOWNLOAD SS Instru-Mentals March 2010!

Panacea producer K-Murdock hosts “Subsoniq – Instru-mentals” which explores and promotes the deepest and dopest areas in Hip-Hop instrumentation, including guests and so much more! Download the show and check the play list here: Reading