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Guru and Solar Interview (Circa '08)

Guru Picture
The Subsoniq Crew is out of town this week, and due to the loss of the legendary Guru last week, we’ve had numerous requests to post the Subsoniq interview from 2008 with Solar and Guru. I have extracted just the interview breaks from the broadcast that aired in February of 2008 which I luckily recorded on my radio and was able to copy to my computer. When this interview took place Guru and Solar were pushing their new Jazzmatazz album and mixtape so the majority of the interview covers those projects. Please know the Subsoniq crew stands behind and sends their prayers out to the Elam family, DJ Premier, and all those who have love in their hearts for Guru and the amazing music and message he brought to us. The SS crew knows he is smiling up “above the clouds” and working on a “Certified Pt.2” with Dilla as we speak….R.I.P. Guru
P.S. if you would like to download DJ Premier’s salute to Guru on his radio show last Friday, you can do so here:

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  1. JDUB says:

    Props, but not seeing a download link for the Premier salute mix?

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