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Panacea "Liner Notes" Session

The new Panacea album “12 Step Program” drops today visit ( to purchase! In honor of this release Panacea members (K-Murdock and Raw Poetic) host Subsoniq’s “Liner Notes” session this week. Hear them speak in-depth about how the songs came about lyrically, sonically, and conceptually. Its an exclusive behind the scenes look (and listen) of this brand new ablum from Panacea.  DOWNLOAD the show below:
Pure Panacea version (w/o other new music)

You can also download the version that features Panacea’s new songs + their commentray + new progressive hip hop from the likes of (Jay Electronica, Nas Damian Marley, Murs/9th Wonder, and many more). Download this version below:

Subsoniq Radio version (w/ other new music)


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  1. Jah~ says:

    Pretty nice break down of “sync-in-city”. The way that song sounds and the way raw poetic talked about syncing in with a city and how the way people enjoy music the same way we enjoy our company. And then connecting with other people who like the same music – it definitely changed the way heard that song.

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