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New Show, Music, & Website!

Welcome to the new Subsoniq website! Its been a long time coming, but we finally have a new home (props to Mike Nova for all the hard work). We decided to celebrate the launch of the new site, with a brand new show featuring tons of new progressive hip hop. Check out a sneak peek of some tracks off the upcoming Roots album, the Subsoniq Crew’s opinion on everything from Rock The Bells to the new Reflection Eternal and Nas/Damian Marely albums, and loads of the freshest progressive hip hop out right now. Check the Play List, Download Link and more details below….

This show features the lawp from artists like Eternia, Janelle Monae, Kanye West, MF Borat (aka Doom), J.Cole, Reef The Lost Cauze, Rhymefest, The Roots, Damian Marley and Nas, Reflection Eternal, Diamond District and more. You’ll also hear the Subsoniq crew speak on the Rock The Bells tour this summer, their honest opinions on the much talked about new releases from Damian Marely/ Nas & Reflection Eternal, as well as give a preview of a couple of new tracks from the Roots album due out this Summer. **note: the show was recorded just hours before the newest additions to the line up, check for the laswp announcement…dope!**

Download the show here:

Play List Below:

Reflection Eternal – Too Late
Outkast/Slick Rick – Da Art Of Story Telling Pt.1
Kanye West – Power
Eternia – At Last (f/Termanology, Reef The Lost Cauze)
Janelle Monae – Dance Or Die (f/Saul Williams)
Cut Chemist – The Garden
MF Borat (aka Doom) – Dedicated To Love (f/Samantha Alexes)
Ghostface – Whip Me With A Strap
J.Cole – Who Dat
Reef The Lost Cauze – Get Me Outta Here
Nas/Damian Marley – As We Enter > Count Your Blessings > Patience
Reflection Eternal – Just Begun > Long Hot Summer > Get Loose (f/Chester French)
Rhymefest – How High (f/ Little Brother)
Diamond District – Who I Be (Marco Polo Remix)
Galactic – From The Corner To The Block (f/Juvenille) > Boe Money
Ice Cube/The Roots – Straight Outta Compton (Live Jimmy Falon)
Panacea – Blue Oceanwave
The Roots – Mellow My Man > Doin’ It Again (f/John Legend) > Dear God 2.0


14 Responses to New Show, Music, & Website!

  1. illtek says:

    Wow I’m glad you guys are still doing it. I thought it was all over. I’m all in fellas. Yall taking donations?

  2. brian says:

    like the website… looks really good

  3. Raizo says:

    Loving the new site. Keep it up.

  4. mike_nova says:

    Thanks for checking out the site everyone! We’ll keep trying to make it better for you all.

  5. Dan Lee says:

    Nice work Mike, I’m loving the new look. Your WordPress skills are real ill!!!! 🙂

  6. janzu says:

    Mike, Thanks for the effort. Lookn nice! Appreciate the outlet you provide fellas…

  7. RKmann says:

    I would like to say that GM and Raw Poetic need to stop drinking the Hater-aid. I mean dammmn. The new Reflection Eternal album is dope. When we are talking about progression, how did the track “Ballad of the Black Gold” not get mentioned. That whole track is about recognizing our issues today and moving past them, “we ain’t gonna get it poppin’ until we oil free.” Real Talk. Especially splashed against the context of the BP Oil spill, the timing is perfect, we need to move on, as do GM and Raw Poetic.

    I thought for sure K-Murdock was gonna support this one.

  8. KB says:

    Great point RKmann, we actually put out a few “tweets” about that track a few weeks back (one of my favs on the album). Everyone has different opinions, and music of course hits people in different ways, but I 100% agree that their criticism of the album was a bit too harsh (and maybe they overlooked a few tracks). I’ll pass on the comment, feedback of all kinds is always welcome. Thanks for listening…

  9. Raw Poetic says:

    I just got this email a few minutes ago. RKmann. I appreciate your feedback. And I agree that Talib is one of the best social political artist out there today. In terms of sound, I don’t like the album. And I always like what Talib has to say, just NOT Always a fan of the delivery. I don’t think thats hating.
    But you must understand, a lot of what I say is how I truly feel. But I say it in a way to also get a reaction. I was just clowning man. Thats what I do. You should hear the way KB and I talk about tracks I made myself that he feels are straight wack. It’s way more brutal! But straight up, I will re-check the track. I would like to see the Subsoniq crew put up the system I suggested to allow all people to vote on what they think of these albums. Cause I’m just an extremely picky listener.

  10. RKmann,
    I definitely respect your opinion, but i’m not sure my comments fall into the “hate” category… and i say that because i KNOW i am perfectly capable of some world class hate. As for the RE album, like I was saying on the show, my issue is just that i felt like Kweli and Hi-Tek weren’t on the same page here. Hi-Tek’s sound is so different and Kweli’s is so stagnant, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m all for an artist’s growth, It’s the only way to stay relevant, but this particular match up didn’t move me.

  11. Po says:

    I have yet to hear the whole of RE album,. and I feel badly about saying this for Talib is an indispensable part of Hip hop, more so in my book than most rappers out there, including Jay z ( and I will buy the album because of that) ; but I wholeheartedly agree with Raw. I always like what Talib has to say along with the lyrical content of what he says, but as for the delivery, more often than not I am left cold.

  12. K-Murdock says:

    I still havent heard the album in-depth as well, Raw Poetic played me the track one day while we were out riding around and honestly, i just didnt hear anything that impacted me the same way i felt 10 years back hearing TOT. That album had a feel that i dont feel on RPM and i know both Tek & Kweli have matured and move don, hell its all about progression BUT like Raw P mentioned, if it doesnt speak to me, i cant force it, the same way i wouldnt want a Panacea fan to say they like an album jus tcuz they liked a prior album from us, some albums hit people differently. I respect RE and im hapy they made another record to be honest but Hi-tek’s production really has lost me a bit and Kweli seems to sound the same on a lot of tracks despite the varied topics… so again thats where im coming from and i respected what i heard but probably wont be in my top 5 for 2k10.

  13. I felt similar to how Raw Poetic and GM felt when I first heard the Reflection album… I can not say that I feel that same way today. It has now been a few weeks since the album dropped and I’m finding it to be better and better the more I listen to it. I think the reason being is that I’m reaching a stage in my life where I’m becoming more aware of the ways of the world. I really do respect ANYONE who is willing to talk about those things in their music. The more I listen to it the less songs I skip over.. This was not the case in the beginning in which I would skip through about 4-5 tracks. Now I find myself being able to listen to the entire album straight through and at least appreciate the ones I don’t like as much. I thought Talib touched on some major issues as usual, but I feel like his timing was impecable with the oil spill happening ( on purpose !!! ) and ” Ballad Of The Black Gold”.
    Basically I think this album should be given a second chance by everyone.. This time when you listen to it. Listen to the lyrics , not just Tek’s beats.

  14. RKmann says:

    I appreciate everyone dropping their two-cents on my post. I think it’s dope that ya’ll persevered through the XM merger and are now doing the podcast, AND that you all made time to chime in on my comments… respect…

    In regards to the RE album, I didn’t mean to come off too harsh with my hate accusations. I think it is only healthy to have varying opinions on records, so please don’t dumb down your critique (I’m sure Raw and GM never will, hahaha). However, I just couldn’t get over the fact that ya’ll didn’t even mention that Black Gold track, ’cause i think that shit is fire.

    Keep up all the good work. I’m gonna be listenin

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