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Subsoniq Instru-Mentals July 2010

Hear the laswp episode of Subsoniq “Instrumentals”, which features a replay (in its entirety) of The Find Rewind mixtape recently released by The Find Magazine (, who were extra cool with me putting it up for streaming so that those who didn’t get one of the 100 cassette copies could still enjoy it too!  The full playlist and show is available on my Mixcloud page:
My goal is to get this instrumental hip-hop movement to be as global as can be, so let’s all keep spreading the word… and music!

2 Responses to Subsoniq Instru-Mentals July 2010

  1. MQ says:

    Whats goin on K….where’s the download link on that page…I don’t see it

  2. MQ says:

    ha nevermind…was lookin for a play button

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