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Rakaa (Of Dilated Peoples) On Subsoniq

This week KB & K-Murdock chop it up with 1/3 of the legendary Dilated Peoples, Rakaa. Topics covered include his recent collaboration with KRS-One, why The Alchemist is responsible for his group’s name, how De La Soul has become a big brother figure to many hip hop fans/artists alike, and in depth discussion on a number of tracks on his new solo album “Crown Of Thorns”.

Download/Listen to the show at the below link:

Subsoniq 9-1-10 (Rakaa) Play List

Rosetta Stoned – Rakaa
Oakland Blackouts – Hieroglyphics
Defintion Of Ill – Planet Asia/PB Wolf
Work The Angles – Dilated Peoples
Trying People – De La Soul
Upstairs – Rakaa
Human Nature (Just Breathe) – Rakaa/KRS-One
Aces High (f/Evidence, fashawn, Defari) – Rakaa
Worst Comes To Worst – Dilated Peoples
Mean Streak – Rakaa
End To End Burners – Company Flow
Delilah – Rakaa

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