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Aloe Blacc on Subsoniq

This week Subsoniq steps beyond the realm of straight ahead hip hop and features an in-depth look and listen into one of the most talented and progressive artists out right now, Aloe Blacc. Hear numerous cuts from his upcoming brand new old soul album “Good Things” coming out on Stones Throw Records September 28th! Aloe chops it up with the Subsoniq Crew about why he gravitates towards Latin rhythms in his music, the upcoming Emanon (Exile & Aloe Blacc) release, and why songs of his like “I Need A Dollar” resonates deeply with people right now. This is an album not to be missed, and we give it full shine on Subsoniq this week!

Download/Listen to the show here:

Check Aloe singing “Politician” live on Seattle’s Kube 93, as well as the play list for the show, after the jump…..


Subsoniq 9-22-10 – Aloe Blacc
Aloe Blacc – Mama Hold My Hand
El Michels Affair – C.R.E.A.M.
Goodie Mob – Black Ice
Aloe Blacc – Bailar (Scene 1)
Damu – Don’t Do It (f/Insight)
Shad – Rose Garden
Black Milk – 365
Aloe Blacc – Femme Fatale > Caged Birdsong
Exile – Spittin’ Image (f/Aloe Blacc)
Emanon – Emanon > Count Your Blessings
Blu & Exile – So(ul) Amazing
Janelle Monae – Cold War
Bilal – Flying
Aloe Blacc – Good Things > I Need The Dollar
Lupe Fiasco – Go To Sleep
Lootpack – Questions
Theory Hazit – Modern Marvels (f/Wildchild, Lightheaded)
Blueprint – Pain (f/Illogic)
Aloe Blacc – Life So Hard > Politician
Stevie Wonder – You Haven’t Done Nothing

6 Responses to Aloe Blacc on Subsoniq

  1. weeks says:

    keep shad comin! love that

  2. DAVID says:

    man there is nothing like coming home and and smoking a blunt and listening to your show. keep it up please! can you play pumpkinhead theme of the world

  3. KJones says:

    Hey guys keep the great music coming. This is the best fix for progressive music. Thank you

  4. KB says:

    Got you on the Pumpkinhead request, you do mean “Anthem For The End of the World” though right?

    KJones, glad your feelin’ it. Reach out anytime

  5. Jeremie D. says:

    solid show k, keep it up!

  6. DAVID says:

    yes thats the one.

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