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J-Live On Subsoniq

J-Live has been reppin true progressive hip hop for the past 15 years, this week he pays his second visit to the show and speaks on a variety of topics. Hear him talk about the newest members of “J-Live”, his views on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and why Gay Rights issues are rarely touched upon in hip hop, and find out what you can expect from his 5th full length (S.P.T.A.) album due out sometime in March 2011! Its the original Triple Threat this week on Subsoniq…

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Play List After The Jump

Subsoniq-12-10-10-J-Live – Play List

Redman – Redman meets Reggie Noble

J-Live – How I Feel

Masta Ace – Me and The Biz

The Roots – Boom

J-Live – Undivided Attention

J-Live – Satisfied

J-Live – Timeless

De La Soul – Forever

Boog Brown – Play The Game (f/Kenn Starr)

Ghostface – Together Baby

Talib Kweli – Cold Rain

Planet Asia – Black Frost (Retro Mackin)

J-Live – The Way That I Rhyme > MCee

KRS-One/DJ Premier/Grand Puba – 5%

Nottz – Blast That (f/Black Milk)

Sol.Illaquists Of Sound – Gotham City Chase Scene

The Burnerz (Zumbee & The Are) – The Edge (f/Martin Luther, The Grouch)

J-Live – Them Thats Not

Kanye West – Lost In The World

Mos Def – Auditorium (f/Slick Rick)

Redman/Method Man – City Light (f/UGK)

J-Live – The Upgrade (f/Oddisse, Pos)


2 Responses to J-Live On Subsoniq

  1. janzu says:

    Great show, real nice to hear J-live speak on things. Gotta be one of your favorite people to have on. Great music, but what’s up with the autotune sneaking in at the end there? Don’t care too much for the kanye track, though the pete rock/kanye/jay-z cut has definitely grown on me.
    Keep it up guys, Happy Holidays…

  2. KB says:

    appreciate the feedback Janzu. Every time we playin’ a Kanye Joint we take heat for it! lol
    I’ll take sole responsibility for the “Lost In the World” addition, actually my fav song on his new album. Thought it was real interesting seeing him collaborte with Bon Iver anyhow, dislike duly noted, thanks for checkin’ in though…all constructive criticism feedback is welcome

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