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From The Vaults: Ben Harper on Subsoniq

A few times over the years on Subsoniq we’ve had artists outside the realm of hip hop swing by the show, pick out some songs, and sit down to chop it up with us. Back in 2006 Ben Harper stopped by the show to do just that! He was also nice enough later that year to personally endorse Panacea’s Rawkus debut “Ink Is My Drink”

Download the show here:

    (breaks with Ben at 19:20, 44:30, 1:08:45)

Listen to Ben Harper’s new single “Rock N’ Roll Is Free” here:


2 Responses to From The Vaults: Ben Harper on Subsoniq

  1. Brian Stanton says:

    This was a good show. I remember when it aired. I didn’t know he was so involved. He played in Gvl with J5 & Dave Matthews around the 2004 election as a fundraiser for move on. J5 opened & had a short set. I missed them, so mad that I stormed out. Never have BH a chance. Thanks for sharing!

  2. KB says:

    Figured we would go back in the vaults for this one. Glad you dug it Brian. I would suggest “Fight For Your Mind” as the all time classic BH album.

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