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The Alexander Green Project

The Alexander Green Project  is out now!  Buy it here or here. This week Kaimbr (emcee of the group),  Kev Brown (producer of the album), and Hot 97’s own Peter Rosenberg (label owner the album is released on) sit down with the Subsoniq Crew to talk shop. Find out an in-depth history of the legendary Low Budget Crew (if you don’t know who they are by now, you will after hearing this). Also find out what was the inspiration was behind the Al Green sampled project, why Busta Rhymes puts Kev Brown in the same pocket as Pete Rock, Dilla, and Large Pro (see video below), and who’s stealing who’s beats? All that and much more on this week’s newest Subsoniq!

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Subsoniq 2011 – The Alexander Green Project Play List

note: all songs in play list affiliated with Low Budget Crew besides those marked by **

The Al Green Project – Gritz > We Getting On

Oddisee – A Song For That

Al Green – Belle > Love & Happiness

Kev Brown – Albany

Cy Young – Young World

Roddy Rod – Troubles Lurkin Low (f/Kev Brown, Cy Young)

Kaimbr – Changes (f/Kev Brown)

The Al Green Project – Rapping (f/Sean Born)

De La Soul – Special (prod by Kev Brown)

Busta Rhymes – Packin Them Thangs (prod by Kev Brown)

Diamond District – In The Ruff

Oddisee – Once Again (f/Kev Brown, Freddie Foxxx)

Kenn Starr – Walk The Walk

Hassaan Mackey – Simone (louder)

The Al Green Project – Two Sixty

**Ghostface – 260 (f/Raekwon)

DJ Jazzy Jeff – We Are (f/Cy Young, Raheem DeVaughn) > **My Peoples (f/Raheem DeVaughn)

**Mood – Karma

The Al Green Project – Hook

Kev Brown – Always

Critically Acclaimed – Wallflower


4 Responses to The Alexander Green Project

  1. Rob says:

    Big up on the Kev Brow Al Green Interview! Keep the culture alive…Real respect Real!

  2. BostonJerry says:

    Great interview. I know Kev and Kaimbr through my cousin they’re great peoples. The whole Low Budget crew is awesome, they make great hip hop. I’ll don’t get why the industry never got behind them. Maybe the music is just too smart.

    Also, I can’t believe Kev sang the vocals in the background of “We Gettin On”. That’s just ridiculous

  3. KB says:

    Jerry, Rob

    appreciate you fellas checkin’ in. Have gotten a great response on this interview so far. Low Budget is just way too talented to not get a backstory/history about. Look for more to come with them around the time the new Sean Born album comes out late this summer (hopefully).

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