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Conwp Time!

Conwp time. For the next couple months we will be asking trivia about the show. The first person to answer correctly below (in the comment section),  wins a limited edition free “Dilla Day” t-shirt (made specifically for Subsoniq’s 2007 special of the same name) which featured Ma Dukes, Pete Rock, & Talib Kweli. You can see most of the shirt pictured above as our own DQ wore it to Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival last year. *Props to PC on the design*

This week’s question, who was the original/first host of Subsoniq? (only first name is needed)


10 Responses to Conwp Time!

  1. Geoff G says:

    K Murdock

  2. Jordan D says:


  3. KB says:

    good guesses fellas but no dice

  4. Brian says:

    j kannizle? i can’t spell that dudes name..

  5. david says:

    j kanizzle

  6. KB says:

    Brian and David nice job fellas. Since Brian actually answered first, you get first dibs on the free shirt. One thing to keep in mind, all we have left is size XL, so if that’s too big or your not going to give it to someone who will actually wear the shirt, we would ask you pass on it and give it to the next person in line. Brian let me know where you stand on that, and nice job coming up with the answer!

  7. Brian says:

    unlike stringer bell, i’m not an XL guy… i’m more of a large shirt guy… so go on and let david get dibs on the shirt… were you ever able to get that exile??

  8. KB says:

    Thanks for being so considerate. And no I never got that Exile! Can you resend the link when you get a sec?

    David, would you be able to wear an XL? If so, please drop us your address at and we’ll get it in the mail to you as soon as we can.

  9. david says:

    Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you brian and KB for the tshirt

  10. KB says:

    Send your address to so we can ship out the shirt to you!

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