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Ink Is My Drink – Producer's Cut

So this year marks the 5 year anniversary of Panacea’s first commercial release Ink is My Drink and due to the amount of requests we got over the years from fans about the album’s availability on CD, i have decided to take it upon my myself and repress the record on CD but as a special “Producer’s Cut” version.
In Hollywood whenever a re-release is done of some cult classic, it’s usually the Director’s Cut which is the director’s original vision and execution of a film even if its drastically different than the original one from the theaters… thus i applied the same approach and am restoring ALL the interludes and audio clips i used on Ink is My Drink when i turned the album in to Glow-in-the-Dark & Rawkus Records back in 2006.  I also decided to remaster the record myself this go round since i been slowly but surely honing my audio engineering skills the last 3 years.  Lastly, i got my go-to-guy for art Rodrigo Pradel to craft an amazing new CD art design which honestly captures the spirit of the album way more (to me) than the original art did.
The new Producer’s Cut of Ink Is My Drink is available exclusively on CD at this link:



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  1. dan says:

    totally awesome – now i wanna see the scenic route get this treatment.

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