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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Subsoniq Instru-Mentals June 2011

A brand new Subsoniq “Instru-Mentals”, which explores and promotes the deepest and dopest areas in Hip-Hop instrumentation. Hosted by Panacea producer and Subsoniq co-host, K-Murdock. This week’s show features a 40 minute mix fromThe Beat-ape of Strictly Beats.  If you love instrumental hip hop, this is THE SITE to check out. Download or listen toContinue Reading


06' Rhymesayers Takeover of Subsoniq

    In our continuing effort to bring you some of the classic shows from our extensive 10 year history, this week we dig up a gem from the Rhymesayers crew! In 2006,when the show was still on the satellite platform, Slug (of Atmosphere), Blueprint, and P.O.S. all came through to takeover the show forContinue Reading


Elmatic = Illmatic?

Was Elzhi’s take on Nas’s classic “Illmatic” on point? When does the Tribe Called Quest documentary finally come out? Who’s playing the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this year? Who is Leatherass? what the hell is a doppelganger?!?! Find out all of this plus tons of new progressive hip hop in this week’s episode. Download linkContinue Reading