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The Pharcyde/DC Loves Dilla



Last week The Pharcyde came through D.C. to pay tribute to J Dilla  for the 6th annual  D.C. Loves Dilla . That week Subsoniq co-hosts/Panacea members K-Murdock  and Raw Poetic got to sit down with the Cyde in an exclusive interview for the Red Bull Music Academy (unfortunately we are not able to bring that to you at this time). However check out the video blog by Pharcyde member SlimKid3 which features a little recap of their visit (peep the video around 2:10, you might recognize the face/voice). All in all a dope tribute, and great to see Pharcyde getting out there and looking to new horizons again!


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  1. DjM says:

    sick… labcab and bizarreride changed my life. looking forward to the Raw Poetic interview. RIP Dilla

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