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Headphone Session – November


We let the music speak for itself this week. New offerings from Styles P, Statik Selektah, Lupe Fiasco, Amy Winehouse/Nas, Kendrick Lamar, People Under The Stairs, J-Live, Freddie Gibbs, K-Def, DJ Shadow, Idle Warship (Res’ & Talib Kweli), Murs, Evidence, 9th Wonder, Phonte, Common, and more! **Please excuse the random drops throughout the episode, we had some technical issues with our “drops trigger”.**

download link below (right click and “save as” over the orange download)


Subsoniq - 11-7-11 (Headphone Session)

Styles P - Children (f/Pharoahe Monch) > Feelings Gone
Statik Selektah - New York, New York (f/Styles P, Saigon) > Play The Game (f/ Big K.R.I.T., Freddie Gibbs) > They Don't Know (f/Reks, Pill)
Nicolay & Kay - The Gunshot (f/Chip Fu)
Lupe Fiasco - Lightwork (f/Bass Nectar, Ellie Goulding)
Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke (f/Nas)
Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPower
People Under The Stairs - Talkin' Back To The Streets > Dewrit
J-Live - Pronounced Spitta
Freddie Gibbs - Natural High (Even Higher Learning)
J Dilla - Smoke (f/Blu)
K-Def - Supa Heath
DJ Shadow - I've Been Trying
Idle Warship (Res' & Talib Kweli) - Enemy
MURS - Animal Style > Dark Skin White Girls
Evidence - Late For The Sky (f/Slug, Aesop Rock) > You
9th Wonder - Loyalty (f/Masta Killa, Halo)
Phonte - Sendin' My Love > Who Loves You More
Common - Blue Sky > Ghetto Dreams (f/Nas)
Awthentik - Take A Bow










One Response to Headphone Session – November

  1. Caleb says:

    Just wondering if K-Murdock wants to work on a Nujabes tribute album. Have already sent him some stuff while he was still with us on Earth. He used it, so I was wondering if you’d want to collaborate on a 2 or more disc tribute album. I don’t know if I can get out to DC since I’m being absorbed into the system and have to live in a group home now. That whole me not wanting to make money off of music/team biter really set me back from where I should be having my own studio by now. I’ve got a midi controller/synthesizer and would really like to work with somebody that knows the industry ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Somebody that could show me a list off everything I’ve ever written and maybe show this world some off my potential. I’d really like to make a Nujabes tribute album and maybe throw in some artwork to be collaborated into the album. It would be nice to finally put my name on some art without it getting bitten. Something to leave behind before it’s my time, because we never know when it’s time to go. My old music partner doesn’t have it together enough. That day we threw down all those tracks way back, he hasn’t been able to focus enough to get down on digital what I play live. I feel like I’ve got a lot of talent going to waste, or that it just got used by others for their gain with no throw back. I don’t want to be a rapper, but I know how to flow, I just want to be a producer making beats and writing lyrics, if those greedy biters would be willing I might even ghost write for some cash so I can build and operate a studio. Like somebody I used to impersonate on the mic said “feels like somethings missing from the shelves when you listen to your self”. I’m on my meds now, they way I am supposed to be, so I’m not a crazed freak these days. I got my own board to use, so no slimer. Let’s make some albums, I just want to leave something behind so the cynics and the critics and liars/biters have concrete proof I’ve made plenty of music that got stolen and can make plenty more, and want to leave crates behind for when I am gone, one never knows when that may be, and could of been plenty of times, in the yard or when I was getting tailed in the woods be those hicks obsessed with that book about hunting man because it would be the best game. Guess I am just blessed to have God on my side. Anyway we never know, when it’s our time to go, but before I go, I am going to flow, vocally and on equipment. The question is can we make some mixtapes, demos, a Nujabes tribute or two, and a few hard drives full of instrumentals. It would be awesome to pay off my 100,000 dollars or so of debt and have a meager house with recording studio. Even if none of those last things can happen because of us recording weeks-months(overtime) of instrumentals I would still like to let my talents be collaborated with a pro. That knows underground is better than mainstream watered down hip-pop. And I’d like to meet Gangsta mittens and share some poetry if that’s possible too. Peace be with you. One Love, or as it is said in Greek = Agape!

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