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Panacea "Sub-Session" 2007


This is a recording of a live performance we, Panacea, did back in Fall of 2007 after the release of our album The Scenic Route. It was recorded in front of small, intimate audience in XM Satellite Radio’s Live performance studio as a “Sub-session” for SUBSONiQ. The set mainly features songs from Panacea as well as a few by R.P.M.  which is Raw Poetic’s other group that included (at the time) guitarist Patrick Fritz, bassist Adam Hopkins, Drummer Jon Laine & Aaron Gause on keys and trumpet; Session engineered by Mike Taylor.
 Panacea – “Sub-sessions” @ XM Radio (9.17.07) by Neosonix

Panacea Sub-Session Setlist:

1. The Scenic Route
2. Word Of Art
3. Ecosphere
4. RPM – There U R
5. RPM – Less Is More
6. Place On Earth
7. Bubble
8. Pops Said (Freestyle Version)
9. RPM – Sliders
10. RPM – Sleepwalkers
11. RPM – Poetry Bum
12. Starlie
13. Pulse
14. Classic
15. RPM – Poetron
16. Aim High
17. RPM – Grandpa
18. RPM – Life is Change

*Please note that this is the whole 90+ minute performance mixed, but unedited so as to capture the unique personality & vibe of this very special event 😉

–  K-Murdock (Subsoniq co-host, Panacea producer)



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