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Subsoniq Instru-Mentals August 2012

Subsoniq “Instru-Mentals” explores and promotes the deepest and dopest areas in hip-hop instrumentation. Hosted by Panacea producer and Subsoniq co-host, K-Murdock. If you love instrumental hip hop, this is a must listen. Check out our new soundcloud page where your music can be considered for future Instru-Mentals shows, you can share beats and be a part of the community and movement.

Download or listen to the newest Instru-Mentals below (right click and “save as” over the orange download).

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Subsoniq Instru-Mentals Play List/August 2012

1. Marc Mac presents The Visioneers – Come Play in the Milky Night
2. Robot Orchestra – Sunday at the Park
3. DJ Nu-mark – Our Generation (Instrumental)
4. Headnodic – Thanks
5. Benevolence – Photon Twilight
6. Sole Grunt – Now She’s Alone
7. K-Def – Sparkle
8. Klaus Layer – Gemetzel Geplant Ganove
9. Ori Shochat – That Raw Shit (Instrumental)
10. Thomas Prime – When She Smiles
11. CGMuzik – Rose
12. K-Murdock – Tokyo Buzz
13. Naturetone – Tokyo
14. On’rae LaTeal – Drifting


3 Responses to Subsoniq Instru-Mentals August 2012

  1. josh says:

    nice K! i miss these shows. thanks for the upload. good to see you’re still on the marc mac tip! dudes a beast

  2. K-Murdock says:

    @Josh – Thanx man, im trying to be more frequent & consistent in my posting but think this show was one of the best yet, lots of dope beats in there 😉


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