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Subsoniq Instru-Mentals Feb 2013


Subsoniq “Instru-Mentals” explores and promotes the deepest and dopest areas in hip-hop instrumentation. Hosted by Panacea producer and Subsoniq co-host, K-Murdock. If you love instrumental hip hop, this is a must listen. Check out the soundcloud page where your music can be considered for future Instru-Mentals shows, you can share beats and be a part of the community and movement.


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Subsoniq Instru-Mentals Play List Feb 2013

1. Brandon – Feather
2. Cosmic Quest – Cloud Happiness
3. Alf Alpha – All For Real
4. MF Love – Musicana
5. 12G – Kreyol
6. Legacy914 – Your Eye (Love Soul)
7. Cosmicat – whyulove
8. Shoelace – follow.moongil
9. Incise – Night Glow
10. Polodore – Waiting for The World
11. Rov Viktum – 4/17/1975
12. Boston Beatdown – Love’s Not A Mystery
13. Madi – Ode a lamnesie
14. A. Sims – Awakening
15. Brandon – Arts & Crafts (An Ode To J Dilla)


2 Responses to Subsoniq Instru-Mentals Feb 2013

  1. Reed says:

    I’ve been listening for the last 4 years. I think I love these last two installments of instrumentals the most. K-murdock keep them coming this is the best anti-venom for my stress.

    Thought I’d finally speak up after years of listening. Always remember there are more like me who arn’t speaking because they are immersed in the sounds.



  2. alf alpha says:

    Salute Pleya!

    All for Real,

    -alf alpha

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