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Monthly Archives: March 2013

DJ Nu-Mark on Subsoniq/Jurassic 5 back together?!?

  This week we welcome back to the show, 3rd time is a charm, DJ Nu-Mark! Find out what the lawp is with Jurassic 5 (and if they will re-unite?), what emcee/producer did Nu get to work with that was on his “before I kick the bucket” wish list and what hip hop group was theContinue Reading


Winter's Last Stand – Subsoniq March 2013

  Spring is just around the corner but before it gets here old man winter’s curmudgeonly old ass stands in our way! Good thing we got our own grouch, Raw Poetic, to help us battle him and give us something new/fresh to look forward to for 2013 (world premier of K-Def/Raw Poetic “Air Walks”) in the show thisContinue Reading