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Redef Takeover with Damu, Insight & Raw Poetic

Redef Takeover with Damu, Insight & Raw Poetic

Redef Takeover Subsoniq Sept 2013-Crop



Damu, Raw Poetic, and Insight come through Subsoniq this week for the Redefinition Records Takeover! Hear exclusive world premier tracks from all three artists and even a sneak preview of a brand new Y Society track! On top of that TONS of Redef releases to check out including new music from Blu, K-Def, Kev Brown, Klaus Layer, Pete Rock, Quatermaine, Divine Scienze, Mass Influence, Has-Lo, Kaimbr & more! Plus hear Insight & Damu speak on the latest developments with Y Society. Head on over to Redef and check out all the new releases they have to offer!

Download or stream the show below (right click on download and “save as”)

Redef Takeover Of Subsoniq – Play List Sept 2013

*Break 1*
Raw Poetic/Damu – Master Plans
Raw Poetic/Damu – Mercury
Raw Poetic/Damu – Purple Noise
Raw Poetic/Damu – Waters of Babylon
Damu – Hole Up (f/Raw Poetic)
*Break 2*
Damu – Spur Momento (Bonus tracks)
Damu – They Who Flock > Fades Em Gone (Organ Grinder)
Kev Brown/Raw Poetic – Super
*Break 3*
K-Def/Raw Poetic – Stealin’ Bread
K-Def – Riot (f/ Insight, Kaimbr, Has-Lo)
Mic Geronimo/K-Def – For The Family
K-Def – Times Change
K-Def – NJ Dodgers
*Break 4*
Blu/Pete Rock – The Clean Hand
Blu – Lemonade
Klaus Layer – Illest In Charge (f/Blu)
Klaus Layer – Come Back (f/Blu, Scienze)
Klaus Layer – All Of The Time
*Break 5*
Raw Poetic – Dwindelin Books
Raw Poetic/RPM – Catfish Blues
Mass Influence – Morning Breath Chasers
Divine Scienze – Ring The Alarm (f/Blu)
Quartermaine – War Of The Roses
*Break 6*
MC Lyte – Keep On Pushin’ (f/Bahamadia, Nonchalant, Yo-Yo)
Kev Brown – Another Random Joint
K-Def – Night Owls (f/Raw Poetic)
K-Def/Raw Poetic – Easy Way Out
*Break 7*
Insight – Time Frame
Insight – Beyond The Horizons
Insight – Evolve
Y Society – Hole In Your Pocket
*Break 8*
Y Society – Never Off (On & On)
*Break 9*
Y Society – Setting The Example
Y Society – In Particular
Panacea – Incubator Purgatory


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11 Responses to Redef Takeover with Damu, Insight & Raw Poetic

  1. K-Murdock says:

    NICE! Felt like home seeing the OG Panacea/Subsniq/RPM crew all together! So muh dope music on the horizon from Raw P & Damu too 😉 Proud to call them my brothers!


  2. Kevin says:

    Yes! You guys have such a great crew of talented artists. Raw Poetic, K-Murdock, Damu, Insight, Panacea/RPM, Y Society… I’m really feeling this style of music. Can’t wait for whatever you guys are working on now to come out.

  3. Jake says:

    This was a real treat. Can’t wait for all the new projects, love all these guys!

  4. Federico says:

    Can’t wait for the show at The Dunes. Can I purchase tickets in advance somewhere?

  5. J says:

    Word up to Damu and the whole Redef fam. Lots of good news of things to come. Thanks for the snippets. Keep doing what y’all do.

  6. sp says:

    yo cats sayin damu sounds old and dated? wow. fools dont understand future funk flavas. oh well. good music for those who know and understand. peace.

  7. Jarron says:

    Dooooope show homiez!

  8. KB says:

    Appreciate the love everyone, thanks to Redef, Insight and Damu for being open to it!

  9. Alix Jackson says:

    WOW, that is an amazing set. Thanks very much 🙂

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