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Subsoniq Instru-Mentals April 2014



Subsoniq “Instru-Mentals” explores and promotes the deepest and dopest areas in hip-hop instrumentation. Hosted by Panacea producer and Subsoniq co-host, K-Murdock. If you love instrumental hip hop, this is a must listen. Check out the soundcloud page where your music can be considered for future Instru-Mentals shows, you can share beats and be a part of the community and movement.

Download or listen to the newest Instru-Mentals below (right click and “save as” over download or stream)


Subsoniq Instru-Menatls Play List April 2014

1. Shag – “Everyday”
2. The Twelfth Doctor – “Aqua Blue Scenery”
3. SimsBeats – “Gotta Love It”
4. De La Soul – Simply (Instro)
5. Bmbu – Who Knows
6. Nicholas Cheung – “DAT JAZZ”
7. Moderator – “Home”
8. Panacea – “Vandalism” (Instro)
9. J. Rawls – “Chapter 2″
10. David Straange – “Glint”
11. Treble & Blues – “From Dusk to Dawn”
12. Maverick Soul – “Clearly”
13. JLuma – “Esuna”
14. Qyrssen – “Game Over Blues”
15. JLanie – “Patrick”
16. Af the Naysayer – “Angel Island”
17. The Internet – “Pupil/The Patience”


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One Response to Subsoniq Instru-Mentals April 2014

  1. janzu says:

    Great music! This edition definitely deserves another listen a year later…

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